Elleeplex Profusion 10 Shot Pack

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The Elleeplex Profusion is a dual system suitable for both lashes and brows. This system is made with a simple formula using pure quality ingredients that maintain optimal lash health and bonding integrity. 

Brow lamination is to straighten out brow hairs to make it easier for your clients to brush and groom their brows. This is a solution for clients who have downward facing brow hairs or very curly brow hairs that are hard for them to brush and maintain. 

Elleeplex Pro Fusion 10 Shot Pack 

Lash and Brow Lamination

- contains 10 lifting lotions & 10 setting lotions

Please watch this video by Otto Mitter the managing director of Elleebana for more insight on Elleeplex Pro Fusion and the correct processing times. 

Differences in Elleebana & Elleeplex processing time for lashes 03:03

Elleeplex brow lamination processing time 07:40