Elleebana Silicone Rods - Individual Size

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Performing a lash lift requires the right tools. It is important to have the right size rod to create the perfect curl. The lashes should only extend slightly across the halfway mark with the tips covering the two-thirds point.

Elleebana silicone rods are the best lash lift rods on the market! These easy-to-use silicone rods are sanitizable and reusable, they easily keep their shape to be used again and again. The flexible silicone makes it easy to apply on any eye shape and the bright orange color allows lashes of any color to stand out. 

Product Feature:

-Light weight

- Easy-to-use

- Reusable



Individual Sizes: (5 pairs in each box)

- Small 

- Medium 

- Large 

- Extra Large 

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