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Elleebana's One Shot Lash Lift treatment is the hottest trend in the eyelash industry that allows you to offer your customers luscious lifting natural lashes that will last for weeks, all in a blink of an eye. 

Our conversion course is suitable for lash artists who are already trained and certified in lash lifting and want to make the transition from another brand to Elleebana. 


  • Active ingredients and product knowledge
  • Elleebana adhesives and how they work
  • How to store Elleebana products
  • Procedure of cleaning lash lift tools
  • The contraindications for lash lift
  • How to perform a patch test and the importance of patch testing
  • How to perform a lash lift application
  • Using ReGen and Extreme Styling Shields
  • Advanced processing times for lash lifting
  • How to select the correct size silicone rod
  • Relevant aftercare and advice to give to clients after a lash lift service has been performed
  • The process and procedure for reversing or relaxing a lash lift

Upon enrollment, we will send you a 5 shot pack and lash lift adhesive. Your trainer will contact you within 24 hours and grant you access to our Online Conversion Course.  

You will be required to complete a few quiz questions throughout the course and on completion, you will be required to submit before and after images (within 3 months) as part of your assessment process. 

Once you have successfully completed the course, we will issue your digital certification of completion! HOORAY!!

Note: You are required to submit your previous certificate in lash lifting that you obtained from another brand or training facility. This is subject to the review of Elleebana and if the certificate is rejected you will be offered a full refund. Please contact us if you have any questions.