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Ultra Super Lash Extension Adhesive

Elleebana Ultra Super Extension Adhesive.

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Ultra Bond Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Elleebana Ultra Eyelash Extension Adhesive.

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Elleebana Lash & Brow Primer

Use Elleebana's Lash & Brow Primer to remove oil from your client's face before you start your beauty treatment.  Provides a solid and clean base in preparation for lash extension applications. ...

Elleebana Adhesive Remover

This 15ml bottle of Elleebana Adhesive Remover effectively removes eyelash and eyebrow extension adhesives. The special formula is GBL free to minimize skin irritation.

Jade Stone

Prevent your adhesive from quickly drying during a lash extension application with the use of a jade stone! Jade stone helps keep your glue readily available during the lash extension application...

Elleebana Adhesive Stickers

Keep your lash palette or jade stone clean and prevent your glue from drying up with Elleebana's Adhesive Stickers.  By applying your adhesive to these stickers, you will prolong the drying...

Elleebana Makeup Remover

Every stylist's go-to makeup remover! Foaming tint and eye makeup remover is a two-in-one solution that uses a gentle yet effective composition to remove unwanted mascara and eye makeup before applying...

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Master Lash Palette

Elleebana's Master Lash Palette is the perfect canvas for organizing lash extensions during an application. The palette provides stable working space to organize individual lashes.  For easy cleaning use alongside Elleebana...

Pro Curved Tweezer (11.5cm) - 16341

Elleebana Lash Extension Tweezer These Pro Curved Tweezers by Elleebana gives you the perfect angle to work on those pesky little lashes that are hard to separate from the group. With...

Curved Tip Tweezer (12cm) - 16342

Elleebana Lash Extension Tweezer These Pro Curved Tweezers by Elleebana gives you the perfect angle to work on those pesky little lashes that are hard to separate from the group. With...

Pro Straight Tweezer (1 Type) 16344

Elleebana Lash Extension Straight Tweezer. The Pro Straight Tweezer is designed for isolating short, hard to reach lashes. This Type 1 Tweezer has a precision tip that helps improve accuracy while...

Pro Curved Tweezer - 16343

Lash Extension Tweezers Elleebana Created these tweezers with you in mind! These tweezers are perfectly angled to assist in lash extension treatments.  With these tweezers in hand, the lash application process...

Silver L-Foot Gold Finish Tweezer - 16348

Elleebana Lash Extension L Foot Tweezer Calling all lash professionals! Elleebana's L-Foot Tweezers are the tool you've been searching for. The intuitive design helps make these tweezers perfect for isolating lashes...

45 Degree Tip Tweezer (14cm) - 16349

Elleebana Lash Extension Tweezer These 45 Degree Tip Tweezers from Elleebana will change the way you apply lash extensions forever. The ultra-precise tip makes it easy to pick up lashes and...

Pro Angle CVD Volume Tweezer - 16347

ELLEEBANA LASH EXTENSION VOLUME TWEEZER For any lash professional that deals with volume lash extension applications, these tweezers are for you! The Pro-Angle Volume Tweezers from Elleebana were crafted to help...

Glue Rings

Glue rings for Lash Extension Application or for your Lash Lifts to use from the Squeeze Tube. Sold in packs of 10 rings.

Blooming Cups

For making volume fans! Help make those bases together with these blooming cups! Sold in packs of 10.

Disposable Silicone Mascara Wands (10 pack)

Silicone wands are a great multi-use tool for lash or brow treatments. 

Micropore Tape - 3119

Micropore tape is sold in singles. Use for your lash extension or lash lift applications.

Lash Cleansing Brush

Complete softness for your client's lashes! Color - Black Extension safe

Micro Brushes

Perfection is in the details! When you are performing lash lift, lash or brow tint, or semi-permanent makeup application, you are dealing with individual tiny hairs and thick product. Micro brushes...

Elleebana Gold Scissors

These gold finished lash scissors are equipped with ultra-thin sharp blades that will allow you to trim and control your false lashes to the perfect length. These scissors can also be...