Belmacil Tint No. 2 Blue Black

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 By far the most popular in class!

The Belmacil No.2 Blue Black is the most popular among millions of customers all over the world.

By adding a dark blue shine to the lashes, this color will provide even more depth than Belmacil No.1 black.

Belmacil's Blue Black improves the overall appearance of the eye area and works well with a variety of skin tones and lash colors. A semi-permanent color that lasts 6–8 weeks on lashes and doesn't require clumpy mascara!

Belmacil No.2 blue black provides you a little something more when it comes to eyelash tinting of the highest quality!

20ml and more than 100 applications for each tube! It is necessary to use an activator.

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